electric cars 2019

Electric cars 2019 | Here is the cheap and best Electric cars 2019


At present, the UK has about 50,000 electric vehicles on the road. About 6 per cent of all new cars sold in Britain between January and November use electric or hybrid technology.  Britain is the country where electric cars has taken the country in storm . Everyone wanted to buy it , whether it’s a plumber or an actor.

Tesla, the US company   has   become the byword for electric cars. It has its own network of “superchargers”  but they prevents other vehicles from using its system.  Tesla has always tried to maintain the level of secrecy and monopoly.

Electric cars 2019

 Great Wall Motors out of China recently debuted the Ora R1, and it easily takes the crown for the cheapest electric vehicle to hit the market so far. Ranging from $8,680 to $11,293, the compact car is a fraction of the cost of high-end electric vehicles like Tesla. Granted, the Ora isn’t autonomous. And don’t expect luxurious finishing. But the Ora isn’t meant for cushy road trips anyhow.

Ora R1 Electric cars 2019

The Ora runs on its own operating system, which is controlled by a touchscreen. To wake the car, you say “Hello, Ora,” and your car is ready to roar on the road with the highest speed of 200 miles away.

 Ora cars are cheap and affordable . you can’t aspect much luxurious with this car but the car is great for a low budget.

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