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India’s e-car plan is more in political pocket than the files.

Full of pollutant and dirty air has become an national issue in India . This issue is burning like a lamp in election manifestos, along with perennial subjects such as temple-building and farmers’ incomes. Even politicians can’t escape with the issues like air pollution, water pollution and garbage. Specially air pollution which has reduced life expectancy in areas near the New Delhi capital region by more than 12 years.  Its not only sadistic but also very annoying for the people of the whole country , why the government has not yet found the right solution for this disaster .

India’s e Car plan Recent development

To address the issue, the government earlier this year laid out a three-year subsidy program for electric vehicles valued at about $1.4 billion — about 10 times larger than a previous plan.

Notwithstanding, the government keeps setting itself big goals. Two years ago, India’s plan envisaged a “trans formative” target of making all three-wheeler vehicles electric by 2030. Even under a business-as-usual scenario, it expected 40 per cent of personal passenger cars to be battery-electric by then, from zero in 2015. In a report this month, a government planning body lauded the latest subsidy program and said it had the potential to boost penetration rates for electric-vehicle sales to 30 % of passenger cars.

India’s e car current scenario

No doubt India is very much serious on it. government of India has launched Solar power park to promote green and renewable energy . In fast developing cities like Patna the government has started installing the CNG station and charging station both. E car is not a day dream of this country rather it is achieving its goal day by day. In near future it would be no surprise for the rest of the world that India itself would start manufacturing e car like battery rickshaw revolution.

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